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Ara Yernjakyan


Ara Yernjakyan is the founder and artistic director of the Yerevan State Chamber 

People’s Artist of the Republic of Armenia. 

 Honored worker of Arts in Armenia. 

Candidate of Arts. 

Born in Yerevan Armenia, 02/03/1951.
In 1972, graduated from Yerevan Polytechnic University-Technical Cybernetics department.
In 1983, graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts and got a Masters Degree as a director.
In 1971-1972 The Club of the Funny and Inventive established by
Ara Yernjakyan successfully performed in Moscow's All-Union competitions, having reached the final stage.
In 1976 established the "Men's club", which had a theatrical direction.
In 1982, he founded the “Yerevan State Chamber Theatre” and since has been its Art. Director.
A. Yernjakyan is the author of more then 30 plays, 5 movie scenarios and many scientific works; some of them have been presented in his four volume book - the collection of his works. He has carried out more than 50 performances in different theatres, dozens of great open-air shows as well as the movies – “Deadline – Seven Days” (1990), “Armenicum UPSA” (1999), “Anniversary Client” (2012). 
1992-1995 Conducted a series of TV shows "Nork" by the order of (Yerevan), ORT (Moscow), "Armenia today" (USA) TV channels.1996-2000 For the first time in Armenia Ara Yernjakyan organized the “Miss Armenia” Beauty and Elegance Competition becoming the head of the organizing committee. The proof of the high quality of the competition is the fact that later the winners of the competition managed to win many other similar international competitions.
In 1998, he created the “ERKAT-TV production” (“YAN-TV”) company and the TV programs have been shown on different TV channels.
In 1998-2001. Ara Yernjakyan held the post of the head of the Youth and Sports Department at the City Halls  Culture, office.
In 2004, the presentation of his book - "Pessimistic Comedies" (1 piece, in Russian language) was held in the Yerevan State Chamber Theatre. The book contained three plays "A Sonnet For The Violoncello", "Alchemist", "The Wolf And The 7 Little Goats Or Again About Rams" and a research essay "Who is Who in Shakespeare's "Hamlet" In 2005, Ara Yernjakyan received the annual “Artavazd” prize, for outstanding achievements in the field of theatrical art.
In 2007, the annual “Artavazd” prize was awarded to Ara Yernjakyan in the nomination “Best play” for “To Arms!” play, held by the Union of Theatre Workers of Armenia.
In 2008, Ara Yernjakyan’s book “Pessimistic Comedies” (II, III, IV pieces, in Armenian language) was released. It contained dramatic plays, research essays “Who is who in the Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet” and The “Identification System”.
In 2009, the annual “Artavazd” prize was awarded to Ara Yernjakyan in the nomination “Best dramatic play” for the play “Anniversary Client”, held by the Union of Theatre Workers of Armenia.
01.2011 – Shooting of the film “Anniversary Client”. Scriptwriter and director - Ara Yernjakyan. The film was very successful in armenian and foreign cinemas such as Toronto, Canada.
03.03.2012 – Premiere of the film “Anniversary Client” in the "Moscow" cinema in Yerevan. 
May 24, 2012 – Defense of the thesis for the degree of Candidate of Art Sciences by Ara Yernjakyan on “The Interpretation of Horatio's character as a metamorphosis of the Ancient Greek Choir” specialty “Theatrical art, film and television”.

17.09.2016 – In connection with the 25th anniversary Independence of the Republic of Armenia,for his outstanding contribution to the theater art, artistic director of the Yerevan State Chamber Theatre Ara Yernjakyan was awarded The Honorary Title of People’s Artist of the Republic of Armenia.   

2016, September – In Moscow, published Ara Yernjakyan’s book “Horatio’s Secret” (“Who is Who” in the William Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet”). The book of well-known film director, playwright and scientist Ara Yernjakyan devoted to the most mysterious and unexplored personage of William Shakespeare – Horatio. This work is of great interest to scholars of the great English dramatist and can be the impetus for the revision of some of entrenched views on the famous piece.

Ara Yernjakyan is the People’s Artist of the Republic of Armenia,secretary of the Theatre Workers Union, member of the Union of Moviemakers and Union of Writers as well as the president of the “Armenia-Cyprus” community.