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Today the Ara Yernjakyan’s artistic crew consists of well-qualified professional artists with knowledge of all secrets of their art.
All of the artists are very enthusiastic, dedicated to the theater and are able to think creatively on the stage.

Lusine Yernjakyan              Director
Arsho Harutyunyan           Director, actor
Vahe Grigoryan                             Musician            

Famous artists such as V. Stepanian, Yevg. Podpomogova, V. Chaldranyan, M. Poghosyan, H. Tokhatyan, B. Livshitse, M. Avakimov, A. Ambartsumyan, K. Ulikhanyan, M. Mazmanyan, Q. Zaminyan, M. Zaminyan, A. Laray, A. Mikaelyan, A. Zotov, D. Babayan, Z. Uzunyan, A. Ghukasyan, G. Sekoyan and others, have been a part of the Yerevan State Chamber Theatre's stage.
As a rule, Yernjakyan designs his performances himself, but at the same time, he has collaborated with renowned painters V. Podpomogovi, R. Sahakyants, F. Eghiazaryan (author of the symbol of the theatre and the decorative mural of the hall), B. Petrossian, who formed theater's main entrance and created the "spectator". S.Kazarian, (who created the sculptures of musicians in the Blue Hall), L. Avetisyan, Yevg.Safronova, R. Khachaturian.
Among the musical directors of the Chamber Theatre, throughout its existence were A. Aharonian, G. Khachikyan A. Kartalyann with his jazz band (A. Usnunts - saxophone, R. Barkhudaryan - cello, Alexander Grigoryan - drums), V. Hayrapetyan.

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Georgi Amiragov     Actor
Luisa Nersisyan   Actress
Grigor Baghdasaryan    Actor
Catherine Manasyan   Actress
Manuk Hakhverdyan   Actor
Nonna Grigoryan   Actress
Mkhitar Avetisyan   Actor
Hasmik Danielian   Actress
 Rafael Yeranosyan Actor
Ani Grigoryan     Actress
Andranik Harutyunyan Actor
Nazeni Hovhannisyan   Actress
Senik Barseghyan   Actor
Eva Khachatryan Actress
Arsen Grigoryan   Actor
Hrachuhi Amiryan Actress
Nerses Markosyan Actor
Laura Babayan   Actress
Vahe Ziroyan          Actor  
 Jora Hovhannisyan Actor
Lili Elbakyan           Actress
Sergey Danielyan   Actor
Irina Danielyan   Actress
Hasmik Ter-Karapetyan Actress

From one performance to another the Chamber Theatre proves the fact that we are visiting a theater that has reached a high level of professionalism and is bringing a fresh breath into the theatrical stage.

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Vahagn Kirakosyan Choreographer
Karine Avagova Costume Designer
Varduhi Baghdasaryan Chief director
Karapet Qetchyan Lighting expert
Samvel Soghomonyan Sound director
Silva Karapetyan   Editor
  Narine Margaryan         Chief administrator