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“Gentlemen, everything is Collapsing but We Can Still Live and Have Fun”


Author and director of the play – Ara Yernjakyan
First played on 19.07.1976 and 16.06.2005 in Yerevan



"Gentlemen, Everything Is Collapsing but We Can Still Live and Have Fun", which later on became the Chamber Theatre's unique business card. With unchanging success it has been performed in many countries. Although a number of minor changes occurred, it still continues to be relevant today. "Gentlemen, Everything Is Falling Apart but We Can Still Live and Have Fun” is kind of a dialogue with the audience, which discusses one of the most important issues of our time, which is the responsibility for the destiny of the planet, of this uneasy world and the terrible mosaic of life. It is the confession of the loose, cynical and spoiled generation if the 21st century. A huge volume of information, the numerous witty phrases and the unexpected changes of the content with one call attract the spectator into this unusual form of a dialogue (through the audience hall). The thrilling rhythm, which is supported not only with the lighting, music and plasticity but also, with the text itself, which is maintained within the strict pace of prose and reminds a poem, attract everyone.

“People, be watchful and active as you must keep the world for further generations – this interesting performance the creators call “Gentlemen...”
Victor Mitkin, vice director of Odessa Russian Dramatic Theatre.

“Gentlemen...” is a publicity variety of a performance where through the eccentricity, musical parodies, and showy tricks the idea is persistently coming out looking for the question: believe in what?
From the stage, it actually sounds like a precaution: indifference, passiveness towards the problem of war and peace which today are not permissible.
The play “Gentlemen...” differ with their civic activeness, and philosophic thinking.”
N. Agisheva, “Svyaz Vremen”, “Pravda”

Moscow, Tallinn, Riga, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Hungary.


1984 - Ukraine, Odessa, International Theatre Festival “USSR-France”
1985 - Russia, Moscow, the 12th Worldwide Youth and Students Theatre Festival
1985 - Armenia, Leninakan, Theatre Festival of Soviet Dramaturgy
2005 - Armenia, Yerevan, III International Theatre Festival “HIGHFEST”
2008 - Russia, St. Petersburg. III International Theatre Festival “Open Space”