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Nazar, Nazar – Till The End

“Nazar, Nazar – Till the End”
National Tragedy


After D. Demirchyan's "Brave Nazar"
Author and director of the play – Ara Yernjakyan
First played on the 11.11.1983; 03.03.2000 and 10.07.2009 in Yerevan



Who is going to be the king and is there going to be a king at all.
The years are passing, but Nazar remains the same. Lickly the lord sitting on the throne is an inapt wretch followed by others just like him.



Moscow, Tallinn, Riga, St. Petersburg, Kiev, USA (L. A., San Francisco), Syria (Aleppo).


1989 - France, Nantes, International Theatre Festival “Theatre Du Monde” got the prize of “Du Monde”


“The Chamber Theatre has again surprised us pleasantly, presenting the renewed Nazar... 

...This time also Ara Yernjakyan managed to put on an impertinent, modern performance, reflecting the real face of our life, and the play of gifted actors made it even more excellent”.
Lilit Eghizaryan, “Nazar, Nazar – Till the End”, “Iravunk”, 22-24. 02.2005