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Titanic, Made in Armenia


“Titanic, Made in Armenia”
Formerly "Es Im Anush Hayastani"
Pessimistic comedy


Author and director of the play – Ara Yernjakyan
First played on 17.11.1993 in Yerevan


The "Titanic-2" also named "Noah's Ark", is trying to save the remnants of humanity.
The passengers and the crew are climbing onboard. Passengers on the vessel is the audience itself, and the crew consists of: the Captain, his assistant Admiral Saqo, the poet, who joined right before the departure, and no one has decided whether he will work on the radio or be the first Armenian astronaut.
The two other crew members - maestro and the beautiful, also perform various duties, depending on the situation. On the ship many problems arise because in reality the ark is our home, that everyone wants to "improve."
And when because of these "homebuilding improvements" the ark begins to sink, it turns out that it is not so easy to abandon the ship because it is in a blockade.
At the end of the performance, the "rain, which lasts for 40 days and nights," finally stops, and the hope of salvation is born, especially when one of the crew members notices the Mount Ararat from afar, and the rest of the crew members explain that outline of Ararat was always visible, in other words, nothing has changed, and the ark never moved...
In the performance music and humor are intertwined.



Maestro - George Amiragyan
Captain - Grigor Baghdasaryan
Admiral Saqo - Manuk Hakhverdyan
Beautiful - Irina Danielyan
Poet - Ruben Pashinyan


Moscow, USA (Los Angeles)

05.2003 - Ukraine, Kiev "Kiev Travneviy" 5 th International Theatre Festival.

"The performance in the form of etudes and episodes built with fun, songs, dance and other means of stage expression present us the events taking place around with ridiculous lookalikes, and the show of the delicate political situation through grotesque points."
K. Yeghiazaryan "Azatamart" 1993


In the performance "Titanic, made in Armenia" all of the defects of today are dicussed. They speak of pain, anxiety for the future's uncertainty. Ark has been built, and they want to push it forward, but the "swamp" around to will not alow it to be moved...
This performance once again proves that the art must be presented to the people i a contemporary manner. And the artyst can decide how to convey the message."
R. A., "Earth", 1994

"... A floating ark, ark of Armenia. And it seems as though we can wait and be saved, but the jokes are so correct, and the irony directed at us presents us with faith. People who are capable of mocking themselves in such a manner, will be saved. "
"Republic of Armenia", 1994