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Albany +






























“Albany +”
(“Linsi Show Program”)

Author and director of the play – Ara Yernjakyan
First played on the 19.10.2002 in Yerevan

Armenia occupies a total area of 29,000 km ² ... It turns out that Albania has the exact same area. But one - Albany, being a Muslim country, surrounded by Christian states, and the other, that would be us, the exact contrary. This situation for both of the countries has been a problem and a source of tension throughout history...
We suggest an exchange...
Europe will be able to relax, along with the South Caucasus: and we will finally have a sea...
Especially, since we all have left our professions and we are digging this pit...

"Every performance of our theater is a part of the present history, represented from our point of view and each performance creates its own history."
A. Yernjakyan at the interview with "Armenia Now”, 2002