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A Man is Required





"A Man is Required"
Psychological drama in one-act
(By Karol Freshet's play "Jean and Beatrce")
Staging director Lusine Yernjakyan
The play premiered on the 22th of February, 2008 in Yerevan.

... He was told that: "If you love someone, then you do not think about the things which cause pain, and you do not feel the drought inside you...
What is love? ...
"If you manage to interest, excite and seduce, then you already love...
She wrote an announcement and promised a reward...
Some men came, then others, then he came...
and announced that he succeeded ...
But ...

A Classical conflict between a man and a woman...
This psychological drama is a story of finding love. Although the times of the romantic and unwavering love have passed, the heroes are still searching.
Exciting and fun Beatrice in her abandoned castle, is trying to live through the lost feelings, while Jean principled and radical, persistently defends his privacy and absolute freedom, and at the same time both of them have no idea what true love is.
Here, the conflicts between a man and a woman, attain real absurdity and the happy end is replaced by the cruel test of again endlessly searching and finding. Thus it goes on as long as life itself...



• 12.03.2008 – Armenia, Yerevan, “A Man is Required” play was presented at 

The Theatrical Week “2007-X”.

• 27.03.2008 - Armenia, Yerevan. The annual “ARTAVAZD” prize, held by the Theatre Workers Union, was awarded to Lusine Yernjakyan in the nomination “Best Young Director” for the play “A Man is Required”.

• 10.10.2008 – Armenia, Yerevan, The play “A Man is Required” was presented at the 6th “HIGHFEST” International Performing Arts Festival.

• 22.11.2008 – Armenia, Yerevan, The play “A Man is Required” was presented at the III Republican festival of young theatrical directors.

The performance “A Man is Required” is the first performance of the young director Lusine Yernjakyan. The detailed and hard work could be perceived immediately. It is amazing how the young girl could give such assignments to her actors, so that they did not play those psychologically hard and complicated, depressed and lonely conditions, but experienced them on the stage so believably and realistically, that it seemed as if that was their life.” 

M. Makaryan, “The Theatrical week is over...”, “Azg”, 27.03.2008