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Miss Hell


“Miss Hell”

 Author and director of the play – Ara Yernjakyan.

First played on the 21.12.2001 in Yerevan


This Comedy is really hellish.
In the privatized Hell the economy is crumbling, the budget is crashing, there is chaos and disarray everywhere, and in the infernal cauldrons the sinners are being boiled alive...
This performance, preserving the traditions of the theater, is radiant with the Armenian ingenuity, and leaves open all the painful issues of our day, which receives a strong response from the audience.

"A. Yernjakyan with his premiere responded to the theft, and that answer was given from the height of an artist."
K. Arakelyan, "Law", 2001

"This performance is about everything, with its heroes, dramaturgy, which also mentions the events of "Miss Armenia" Beauty and Elegance Competition."
L. Barseghyan, "Armenian Time", 2001