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Sonata for Solo Violoncello








“Sonata for Solo Violoncello”


Author and director of the play – Ara Yernjakyan
First played on 15.10.2004 in Yerevan


Apart from being interesting and attractive this drama has a second meaning, the performance is dedicated to the immortal memory of the great artist Sergei Parajanov.

In the performance "Sonata for Solo Violoncello" there are three characters a man and a woman. There is also the Painter, who, is no longer alive, and who was destroyed by the hatred and envy of those two. Because the artist is always a calamity. A calamity for his friends and surrounding, and first of all, just for himself.
All the activities of the characters in this play are built on the intense dialogue of the pair. They are trying to answer to these questions "Does art really bring relieve?", "Is art necessary, because it brings disaster to people?", "Why are malicious people filled with hatred towards the artists".
The play has affected everyone throughout history. Different problems are mentioned both universal, and personal like the clash of bright and creative personalities clash with the public and mediocrity anchored in false and distorted moral values, norms and rules of coexistence, and of course all of this is presented with the emotions and expressions of a genius.

• 11.05.2004 – TV version of play “Sonata for Solo Violoncello” was first presented at Armenian Public TV channel.

• “Sonata for Solo Violoncello”, first played on 15.05.2006. Director of the play – Hakob Khazanchyan. It took place in Sergey Parajanov’s house-museum.



12.10.2007 – Armenia, Yerevan. “Sonata for Cello” play (author and director Ara Yernjakyan) was presented at the 5th International Performing Arts Festival “HIGHFEST” and received a Diploma.